Pelosi Goes Full-Bore Hypocrite at Packed, Maskless White House Event

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

I don’t know about you, but this looks like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the Democrats just did in the mask mandates with their display today.

Keeping in mind that she’s still enforcing masks on the House floor and in committee rooms. She also just reiterated the mask rules, insulting her fellow members in the process and treating them like children.


She even suggested that she might not allow people onto the floor to vote, if they were not wearing a mask or were not vaccinated.

But meanwhile, here she is today, floating through a packed, mask-free crowd at the White House. What is this, the honor system? Super-spreader event!

Now, the response from some has been that they are likely vaccinated, if they are at the White House. First, how do we know that, as Democrats are fond of saying? Apparently Pelosi’s cool with the “honor system” at the White House. But second, it doesn’t matter. Because if you are vaccinated, you are supposed to be protected, right? Pelosi shows she understands that and believes that here — when she’s at the White House.


But, she doesn’t accept it when it comes to the House of Congress that she has control over. She claims some people might be unvaccinated, so everyone must still wear them, despite the fact she is protected — even against unvaccinated people. That’s literally the point of being vaccinated; otherwise, if you don’t think that, why are you getting vaccinated?

We know she thinks that because of her actions at the White House. But, she doesn’t want to release that control, and the masks, before the cameras.

The GOP Doctors Caucus in the House called Pelosi out on it, saying she’s not following the science.

Now, people are blasting her after the video emerged of her at the White House.


Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany reminded Pelosi of being busted over her trip to a San Francisco hair salon, when salons were supposed to be closed and how she wasn’t wearing a mask.

Sounds like after this, that the members who are already revolting in the House are going to push back even more, given her hypocrisy.


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