Pelosi Shows It Isn't About Science When It Comes to Masks, It's About the Control

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Yesterday I wrote about how the House is still imposing a mask rule and how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is threatening people with fines if they don’t wear masks.

Pelosi reiterated that today, while frankly looking not at all well. She refused to relax the mask rule saying she didn’t want to employ an “honor system” in the House showing how little respect she had for her fellow members, treating them like children. “What is this, the honor system?” she huffed. “Do you want them breathing in your face on the strength of their honor?” she asked, dismissing any questions about the CDC guidance.

Pelosi even suggests that she could restrict people from voting on the floor.

She may really not want to be talking about “honor” or we can pull out her lack of mask — not to mention honor — in that whole incident where she got caught getting her hair done at the California salon when salons were supposed to be shut down because of the virus. She then blamed the salon owner.

But as I noted in my prior story, Rep. Beth Van Duyne said that while Pelosi is saying this, that it’s mostly about appearance for the cameras.

Meanwhile, in the Senate, most senators have stopped wearing masks. According to The Hill, there was never a requirement to wear them, to begin with, in the Senate. The Hill notes that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has been without a mask all week since the new CDC guidance came out.

Here’s a pretty instructive video of a vote on the Senate floor. It shows virtually everyone on the floor is unmasked from senators to staff taking a record of the vote being cast. One of the only people masked is Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) but you can see him putting on the mask as he approaches the table to vote, then immediately taking it off after he finishes voting.

So do Pelosi and Murphy need to be instructed in what being fully vaccinated is supposed to mean? Do they really not believe that vaccination provides protection? Because that’s the signal they’re sending. Or is it all just about the virtue signaling?

Yes, they are free to wear masks until the cows come home if they want. Many of us are really quite frankly happy not to have to see Pelosi’s face. But we’re still going to call out their hypocrisy and anti-science position when we see it. In the case of Pelosi, she’s imposing it on other people, even after the CDC guidance. She shows it really isn’t about the science, but about the control.