Where's the NY Times? Kamala Harris Is Violating Biden Team's Ethics Pledge

Where's the NY Times? Kamala Harris Is Violating Biden Team's Ethics Pledge
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Kamala Harris hasn’t exactly been covering herself with glory since she got into office.

Harris was assigned to do something about the border. Apart from making some Zoom calls, she hasn’t done much of anything and hasn’t gone to the border.

We also reported how it appears she has a bit of an “enemies list” when it comes to reporters. Not to mention, she’s decidedly not very charitable when it comes to making donations, considering how rich she is – only donating about 1.6% of her income to charity.

As I previously reported, Americans are not thrilled with Kamala. They weren’t when she ran for president and had to drop out because no one was wanted her. And they’re no more enamored of her now, as a recent poll indicated that Americans had an unfavorable view of her 48% to 41%.

Now there’s a new issue that may not exactly make her any more fans.

The Biden team made an ethics pledge about not having conflicts of interest prior to getting into office. They pretty much violated that pledge immediately when the transition team ran a statement from Hunter Biden defending himself in regard to an FBI investigation of him. So the Biden transition team was using taxpayer money to allow Hunter Biden to defend himself, using the power of Joe Biden’s new position.

According to Fox News, the Biden folks also made a pledge to “eliminate the trust loophole in existing financial disclosure law,” and Biden said he would “require that any member of his Administration who is a beneficiary of a discretionary trust disclose all of its holdings.”

Yet Kamala Harris’s disclosure form, released on Monday, shows that she’s been a trustee of the KDH/DCE family trust since 2017, a tax-advantaged trust, which means that those assets “are not reportable,” according to her filing, meaning that she’s effectively blocked people from seeing her assets and what conflicts or issues she might have, in addition to violating the ethics pledge that the Biden team made.

While the trust obscures some of the assets, Fox was able to figure out some of them by other public records, such as that Kamala and her husband used the trust to buy a luxury condo in Georgetown four years ago with a price currently listed at about $2 million. They also have their multimillion-dollar Brentwood, California home in the trust. That’s worth about $5.2 million.

So what happened to the pledge that Biden made? Crickets, like everything else he does. Says things that sound good and then does the opposite. Kamala’s office is refusing comment. Which pretty much says it all. One more “do as I say, but not as I do.”

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