10-Yr-Old Who Spoke Against Mask Mandate in His School Does Hilarious Turn With Tucker Carlson

Tucker speaks to 10 year old John Provenzano about his objection to mask mandate in his school. Credit: Screenshot/Tucker Carlson Show.

I wrote earlier about an amazing 10-year-old fourth-grader, John Provenzano, who obliterated his school’s mask mandate in a withering statement before the school board last week in Martin County, Florida.

It seems like we weren’t the only folks to admire the young man’s important words about what he and his friends had been experiencing because of the mandate.

Provenzano just made it on to Tucker Carlson’s show with his dad, which had to be a thrill for the boy.

Carlson asked the young boy about one of the most poignant parts of his statement — the fact that when he happened to run into his teacher out in public, away from the school, she didn’t recognize him. “We’re stuck in the classroom wearing masks seven hours a day,” John said. “So she’s never seen me or any of my classmates’ faces before.” How incredibly sad and unnatural that is. He mimicked the teacher saying she hadn’t really recognized him because all she ever sees is his eyes. Imagine not having that basic piece of human contact.

John says teachers had never explained to them the reason for having to wear the masks, that they’ve never explained any science behind it. He mimics one of the teachers again, telling the kids how they’re being “disrespectful” for not wearing their masks and that they work hard. John pointed out how “We’re also working hard, too.” “It’s almost 100 degrees outside, we’re wearing cloth masks, and you expect us not to be hot? And complain?” John said. “It’s just… insanity!”

Carlson asked the young man’s father, Mike Provenzano, whether or not the school had explained anything to the parents. Tucker joked that the chances of a ten-year-old dying from the virus were “lower than being eaten by lions.” Provenzano replied that they had not had anything explained to them, that there seemed to be no indication or guidance as to when they would move or if they would move to a mask optional situation. He said no one appeared to be paying attention to the question. The dad points out how the mandates have been dropped in the rest of Florida, but not in the schools when the risk of transmission among children is lower than among adults.

Carlson asked John about the teachers scolding him and his friends for pulling their masks down when the teachers were pulling their masks down to yell at them. John’s delivery in response is amazing, he has the delivery of a comedian twenty years in the business. He was hilarious. “Are they allowed to take their masks off? Is that the new policy,” he mocked again. “No, I don’t think so.” “They’re yelling at us to put ours up when theirs is not up? There’s no logic,” he said, making Tucker laugh. “Hypocrisy,” he said, echoing what he said in his statement before the school board.

It’s hard to understand why the mandates are being kept in the school when they have been dropped everywhere else in Florida.

But most importantly, people need to be listening to what this young man is saying, understand what these kids are having to go through, and do something to change the situation.