Anti-Israel Protesters Try to Take on a Cop Car in LA

Antifa Anti-Israel people block CHP car (Credit: @The_Justice7)

What’s going on in Israel has spilled over into protests in this country, with pro-Israel and anti-Israel supporters coming out in various cities.

There were anti-Israel folks out in Brooklyn, New York, including model Bella Hadid. According to the Daily Mail, some of the protesters blocked highways there.


In Los Angeles there were hundreds out in support of the Palestinians, some of them carrying signs made by the radical leftist Answer Coalition calling to end all aid to Israel.

“The chant from the river to the sea” has been interpreted as a desire to eliminate Israel.

Among the large group of folks carrying Palestinian flags, there were also folks dressed in black bloc, carrying Antifa flags. Many on the radical left are supportive of the Palestinians and anti-Israel.

Turns out they employed a tactic that we’ve seen from BLM and Antifa before — blocking cars in the street during the march. But that didn’t end particularly well when they tried to block a California Highway Patrol car.


The officer warned them on his PA system to get out of the way. But given prior such situations that have ended very badly, it was clear that officer wasn’t going to stick around to find out what might happen. He kept telling them to get out of the way as he started to move the car and they wouldn’t. So he pulled out.

The protesters were of course disturbed that he would continue on through these Antifa idiots. Maybe don’t play games with cars?

Pro tip to these guys? Human beings can’t keep up with the speed of a car. This is never a winning strategy to take. Eating all the soy in the world isn’t going to be enough for you guys to be able to hold off a car.


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