Biden Can't Trip Over Himself Fast Enough to Make a Crazy Promise to Protesters in Georgia

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

How much is Joe Biden being driven by the left?

We can get a window into that by his reaction to a leftist protest against him during a car rally in Georgia.

We previously pointed out how hypocritical Biden having a rally in Georgia was, given the position he took on the new Georgia election law, calling it “Jim Crow on steroids” and encouraging Major League Baseball to move the All Star Game out of the state. But now he’s holding a car rally there? Suddenly, it’s become okay because he wants to go there? Isn’t he supporting “Jim Crow on Steroids?” This just shows how empty and hypocritical that whole attack was.

As we reported, at the car rally, Biden had a problem after his remarks there when he was unable to find his mask. As he looked all around and looked through everything, he leaned into the mic and said that he was going to be “in trouble” if he couldn’t find it. We noted this was the second time that Biden has suggested he’s going to be in trouble with someone. The last time was if he took a question from a reporter. Of whom is the supposed leader of the free world afraid?

But during those remarks in Georgia, he was also interrupted by immigration protesters screaming “End detention now!” “Communities, not cages!” and “Abolish ICE now!”

They interrupted Biden, who initially stopped and didn’t seem to know what to do.

He then went back into full Democratic pandering mode as they continued to chant to “Abolish ICE!” “I agree with you,” Biden replied to their shouts. “I’m working on it, man. Give me another five days.” He then claimed, “Private detention centers should not exist and we are working to close all of them.”

Exactly what does he plan to do in five days? That makes me nervous. Of course, it’s Biden, so it’s likely just empty pandering. But he’s pushed so many radical things down the pike already, I don’t doubt that a few protesters could indeed push him to abolish ICE. He’s already demonstrated that he’s a tool of the left whenever they crook their little fingers.

On top of that, it’s just a flat-out lie that he’s “working to close” all the private detention centers. Indeed, because of his incompetence, because of the huge influx of illegal aliens that he lured here with his own words, he’s reopening those centers. According to The Intercept, they have private detention centers in operation right now and they have contracts in the offing to open up more, including the Homestead, Florida center that Kamala Harris protested against.

Remember this? Smiling for their photo op against the evil centers.

But no worries, they have a new “caring” name for it, so it sounds better – the Biscayne Influx Care Facility.

Now there’s nothing wrong with private detention centers as long as they act in accordance with the law and provide proper care. But the radical left wants to get rid of all detention and all prisons. It makes no sense. Private detention might actually work better than government-run detention because they have an incentive to get further contracts. But Biden typically folds like a cheap suit. This is our “leader” right now. God help us all.

HT: Townhall