Politifact Hits at Ted Cruz, but He Drops a Little Reality on the Fact Checker

Al Drago/Pool via AP

We’re in a deep slide when it comes to journalistic norms over the past few years.

It’s even hit the fact-checkers who seem to have become as political as all the other “journalists” shilling for the Democratic Party.

One fairly egregious incident of horrible journalism that we reported a few days ago was from the Huffington Post. They falsely claimed that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was lying when he said the GOP hadn’t “court-packed” when they were in power. Of course, Cruz wasn’t lying, it was the HuffPo that wasn’t telling the truth. When the HuffPo was hit with a massive backlash for that lie, they pulled their original tweet and substituted a “corrected one,” now claiming that his “dishonesty” was in saying the Republicans had never “rigged the game.”

We chastised the HuffPo, observing that filling vacancies or denying nominations is not “rigging” it, it’s proper Constitutional process. A president is not guaranteed that his nominees will be approved; the Senate does not have to approve a nominee.

So did the fact-checker, Politifact, call out these false claims when they looked at the question?

On the contrary, they were even worse than the HuffPo, claiming that what Cruz said was false when it was demonstrably true.

Notice how they are twisting like a pretzel even in that spin. If it was within the rules and their power, as Politifact admits, how is it “rigging?” If you are playing by the existing rules, as the Republicans did, you are not rigging the game. If you are trying to change the rules, change the definitions of words, and proposing to pack the court, as the Democrats are arguing, you are rigging the game.

Moreover, Politifact, in that tweet, leaves out the full quote, clipping out a vitally important part of what Cruz was saying.

“You didn’t see Republicans when we had control of the Senate try to rig the game. You didn’t see us try to pack the Court,” Cruz declared. But Politifact left out that last part thereby changing the meaning of what Cruz was saying.

Cruz’s spokesperson, Steve Guest, busted Politifact for their effort to redefine reality.

Then Cruz really laid them out.

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