Epicurious Is Getting Roasted Big Time for Their Announcement About Beef

(AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

We’ve seen all kinds of virtue-signaling.

But Epicurious may just take the cake with their latest announcement. Because they’re sure not taking the beef.

The recipe site just announced they’re giving up publishing new beef recipes.

“Today we announced that Epicurious is cutting out beef,” Epicurious tweeted. “It won’t appear in new Epi recipes, articles, newsletters, or on social. This isn’t a vendetta against cows or people who eat them. It’s a shift about sustainability; not anti-beef but pro-planet. Our mission hasn’t changed. As always, we hope to inspire home cooks to be better, smarter, and happier in the kitchen. We understand you’re going to have questions, and we’ve tried to anticipate some of them. We’re also here to continue the conversation.”

According to their statement:

Abstaining from beef means we can use our resources to focus our recipes on more climate-friendly foods. Our hope is that the more sustainable we make our coverage, the more sustainable American cooking will become.

Beef is bad for many reasons, they claim, including cow farts (methane), manure (more methane), pesticides, and fertilizer for cow feed that use fossil fuels, etc etc etc.

So are they getting rid of their old beef recipes? No.

How about all their recipes with the dairy from the cows? No, they’re not restricting those. Apparently, they’ve assessed that dairy cows are slightly less offensive than are cows grown for beef. Don’t they still fart? Don’t they still release all that methane? Do dairy cows fart less? I’m confused.

They’re getting roasted big time on social media.

Now we grant that as a private company they can do what they want, that’s their decision.

But if they’re really going to go all-in they have to consider some other things that Global Citizen says are bad. Like soy (we suspect they may consume a lot of that already). Oh, and rice. Not to mention sugar.

Gotta get the chicken, too.

If they really want a sustainable planet, shouldn’t they get serious? Cut it all out.

Thinking Epicurious might have just made a big mi-steak, going down this road.

HT: Twitchy