Ted Cruz Points out a Big Flashing Question of Impropriety With Biden: 'It's Good to Be King'

We wrote a lot about how “60 Minutes” tried to tag Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with a fake “pay for play” scandal that was quickly debunked.


It’s interesting how they were so concentrated on inventing things, while not seeming to be at all interested in the allegations with some real evidence in the scandals swirling around New York Governor Andrew Cuomo with nursing homes, sexual harassment, and using staff to help write his book.

But of course, Cuomo has a magical “D” after his name that’s like a cloak of invisibility when it comes to providing cover from liberal media examination for scummy or inappropriate actions.

But if media wanted to actually take a look into something that has the appearance of impropriety, they could take a look at a story from the Free Beacon that Sen. Ted Cruz highlighted on Twitter.

The Biden regime has been going all-in pushing electric vehicles and that promotion is a big part of their infrastructure bill with a $174 billion investment that includes replacing vehicles with electric, as well as pushing a “Clean Buses for Kids” program to electrify 20% the school bus fleet.

A deep dive into all the things they’re trying to stuff into the bill is likely to reveal all kinds of intriguing little facts and interesting connections.

The Free Beacon picked up on one such connection. They reported that Joe Biden had planned on virtually visiting a green tech electric bus and electric battery producer, Proterra, yesterday.


This was after Kamala Harris had already visited Thomas Built Buses, a school bus company in North Carolina that uses Proterra as its main supplier of electric vehicles.

Why are those visits and the apparent promotion of those companies so important?

Turns out that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm owns up to $5 million in stock options in Proterra. She’s also been on the Proterra board of directors since March 2017 and was listed as a board member as of February 19, 2021, according to the Free Beacon.

Can we say a big flashing sign of the appearance of impropriety?

Not just because she’s the energy secretary but because Granholm is also heavily involved in the infrastructure push, with the focus of “identifying risks in the supply chain for high-capacity batteries, including electric-vehicle batteries, and policy recommendations to address these risks.”

That sounds a lot like it could impact Proterra, which raises even more questions.

Granholm previously said she was going to get rid of her options in the company, but the White House has confirmed she still has stock in the company.

In a January 16 letter to the designated agency ethics official, Granholm vowed to step down from the board and sell her stock in the company, as well as the steps she will take “to avoid any actual or apparent conflict of interest.” The former Michigan governor has sold some stock, but has not offloaded any of her Proterra shares, according to a White House official. Granholm’s stake in Proterra represents her largest financial asset outside of a house in Oakland, Calif., that she values as between $1 and 5 million, according to her financial disclosures.


The White House basically tried to skip around the problem, saying she had nothing to do with Biden’s decision to go to the company.

Biden did do the virtual visit of the company and they promoted the company, as you can see from the video we cited above.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) put a big spotlight on the issue and just leveled Biden over it.


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