NY AG Authorized to Open Potential Criminal Investigation Into Andrew Cuomo

For years now, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a huge power in the state. No one wanted to cross him so a lot of the stories we are hearing about now didn’t reach the light of day. But this year, all of Cuomo’s scandals seem to have been let out of the box, from the nursing home scandal to sexual harassment/assault allegations.


Now, according to the New York Times, New York Attorney General Letitia James was just authorized by the Comptroller of the state to begin a potential criminal investigation into Cuomo for the possible use of state resources in relation to his most recent book. That was the book about how he was such a hero over the pandemic. It is believed that he was offered $4 million for the book.

The problem? Among others, that he used staffers to work on his book for him. As we reported, several staffers dropped a dime on Cuomo saying they were made to work on the book, which violates state law which prohibits the use of public resources for personal gain.

Cuomo has argued that any work done was “voluntary” but even if that were true (and the reports suggest it isn’t), it wouldn’t change the fact that he used staff.

The AG was asked to look into “any indictable offense or offenses” involving, but not limited to, “the drafting, editing, sale and promotion of the governor’s book and any related financial or business transactions.”


The AG is already looking into the multiple allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo.

Meanwhile, because Cuomo hasn’t yet resigned, he’s also facing an impeachment inquiry where they’ve said they’ve already received more than 100 tips related to Cuomo.

At this point, most of the state’s Democrats have called on him to resign. But he’s still pulling a Ralph Northam and refusing.


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