Jen Psaki Makes Things Worse Over UN Ambassador's 'White Supremacy' Comments

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

We reported previously on the troubling comments by Joe Biden’s UN Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, that the United States needed to acknowledge to the UN our failings, among them that white supremacy was woven into our founding documents and principles. “I have seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles,” Thomas-Greenfield said.

On Friday, Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson asked Jen Psaki if Joe Biden stood by the comments of Thomas-Greenfield and if they intended to remove her for parroting Communist China’s talking points against this country. Psaki’s response didn’t make things any better. She got all huffy and threw ‘race’ out there, rather than actually talking about what was said and how that could be problematic for the U.S. in its relations at the United Nations or with China.

From Daily Caller:

“Is the president going to remove an African American woman with decades of experience in foreign service, who’s widely respected around the world, from her position as Ambassador to the U.N.? He is not,” Psaki responded. “He is proud to have her in that position. She is not only qualified, he believes she is exactly the right person in that role at this moment in time.”

What was incredible about her response was she then admitted she didn’t even know what Greenfield-Thomas had said. Psaki didn’t seem to care about the harm of the comment in relation to the UN, and how this served the Chinese position when we’re trying to get them to stop the genocide of the Uighurs. As I previously reported, the Chinese actually used comments similar to Greenfield-Thomas’ to attack the U.S. right to the face of Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Blinken had no real response. Biden since has also had no real response to being upbraided by the Chinese, who argued that we have no moral authority to lecture to them. That’s where we’re at, with leaders who allow the CCP to lecture us.

Robinson asked Psaki if Biden thought America’s founding documents were “racist.”

Psaki responded, “I would say that I will leave my comments to speak for themselves and certainly I think most people recognize the history of systemic racism in our country and she was speaking to that.”

No, she wasn’t “speaking to that,” she was specifically saying the our founding documents and principles had white supremacy “weaved” into them. Psaki refused to even speak to that harmful claim; she, in as much, approved of what the UN Ambassador said. Not to mention, if Psaki hadn’t even seen her comments, how would she know what she was “speaking to”?