Kimmel Gives Hunter Biden Airtime on His Show, It's as Bad as You Would Think

Liberal media did everything they could to go after President Donald Trump and his family.

They savaged his children, despite them being highly successful adults.


Let’s compare that to how they’ve dealt with the question of Hunter Biden and all the terrible things that he’s been involved in, some of which we touched on last night, the things he left out of his new book.

Jimmy Kimmel had him on last night to promote his book, as part of the “Let’s Try to Clean Up Hunter’s Reputation, So He Isn’t an Embarrassment” tour.

Now you would think that even if Kimmel didn’t care about all the drug abuse and the potential crimes that might have been involved, that very liberal Kimmel might care about the treatment of women thing, compromising his father, or potentially the country. Oh, wait, it’s Jimmy Kimmel, so probably not so much.

Kimmel asked Biden about taking the position of being on the board of Burisma. Because we’re supposed to believe that a Ukrainian company just really wanted him for his vast experience, despite all his issues? That it was really all about his experience. Listen as Kimmel raises it as “Trump making an issue out of it,” a version of ‘Republicans pounce.’ The issue isn’t the conflict of interest — nope, not at all.


Hunter said he wouldn’t take the position again because of how they used “the perception” of it against his father. It’s just those nasty Republicans making something out of it. That takes some kind of nerve.

Kimmel then asked him about the infamous laptop, completely making light of the horrendous stuff on there and what Hunter did.

From Fox News:

“I’ve seen you on some interviews, you know, talking about the laptop … and when they asked you if that was your laptop, you say you don’t know, which is hard to believe unless you read the book,” Kimmel jokingly said, referring to Biden’s battle with drug addiction. “And then it’s like, I’m surprised you have shoes on.”

“The pants were the problem,” Biden joked. “Now look, I really don’t know and the fact of the matter is, it’s a red herring. It is absolutely a red herring. But I am absolutely, I think, within my rights to question anything that comes from the desk of Rudy Giuliani. And so I don’t know is the answer.”

“Did you wish you ever had AppleCare?” Kimmel joked, referring the tech company’s support service.

Yeah, being a crackhead is really a funny thing, isn’t it? Especially when Dad goes after everyone else for it, but you never get nailed for it. But, sure, he was so delusional with all this drug use; that’s exactly why Burisma would want him on their board, right? Which is it? Was he was so competent they had to hire him or too delusional to know what was happening with his laptop?


Note once again, he didn’t deny that the laptop was his. In a prior interview he said that it “could be.” Moreover, as we reported yesterday, the Daily Mail employed a forensic company who said yes, they said all the evidence indicated it was his, with all the timestamps and pictures of him. Plus, there was no evidence of fabrication.

Need we note the interesting timing of this interview as well, coming right after the very damaging Daily Mail piece yesterday? Is Kimmel planning on doing PR for Hunter in the future as well?

They then tried to make it all about Donald Trump Jr.


Last time I checked, Donald Trump Jr wasn’t smoking parmesan cheese thinking it was crack. Seriously, the utter gall of these people thinking they can sell this stuff. The sad thing is, there are folks on the left who will buy this without any concern of the real questions here.


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