Jimmy Kimmel Loses His Mind With Worst Hot Take on Who's Behind the GameStop Rebellion

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We’ve seen a lot of bad takes when it comes to the GameStop rebellion, everything from efforts to shut down free trading to protect the hedge funds to people claiming that the effort is being used by the “extremist right” to “radicalize and recruit.”


Does the liberal MSM not have any other playbook? Not really. They have two go-to false stories when they want to try to stomp on something: white supremacists and Russians.

They pulled out the white supremacist nonsense. So now they’re going for the Russian nonsense. Guess who was pushing that? Jimmy Kimmel.

First, Kimmel went after Jon Stewart for defending the redditors behind the rebellion and accused him of being President Donald Trump because of it. He then deleted it.

But then he really went over the slide, blaming possible “Russian disruptors.”

Now is it possible there are some Russians among the thousands buying into this? Sure. But the reason to say that is to dump on the effort, same reason for responding to Stewart with the Trump response (when actually that’s a compliment but Kimmel didn’t mean it as such). He’s also doubtless a little disturbed with Stewart for actually being funnier than him as well, not to mention standing up for the little guy.


Mainstream media so obvious. So when they’re trying to so hard to stomp on this that even Kimmel is pimping the effort against it, you know that the establishment is really getting hit. It’s one of the few things that we’ve seen lately that unites people from all sides of the political aisle for a variety of reasons to challenge the system. But some don’t like it when that happens, as we’ve seen.

How does any liberal who has a brain cell left keep falling for these crazy manipulative false things like white supremacy and Russians, neither of which is animating this effort? I guess I answered my own question when it comes to Jimmy Kimmel. Remember this is the guy behind the Man Show and who wore blackface of Karl Malone, he’s spent a long time not being particularly funny.

Seriously, it’s getting pretty ridiculous at this point to keep going to the white supremacy/Russians well.

But folks from both sides of the aisle united again – in dunking on Kimmel.


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