Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Attacks Federal Gov't, Appears to Take the Side of Alleged Antifa Killer

AP Photo/Ted Warren

At the end of last year, Michael Reinoehl, who declared himself “100% Antifa,” allegedly stalked a Trump supporter, Jay Danielson, and shot him to death in the street.


Reinoehl was some days later cornered by the federal law enforcement and killed in a shootout, after he allegedly first opened fire on the agents.

But if you wonder why Antifa is still a problem in Portland, one need look no further than attitudes such as that displayed by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown.

Brown appeared on the far left “Democracy Now!” show with Amy Goodman. Goodman asked what Brown thought about the killing of Reinoehl by the federal agents, which Goodman termed “a death squad-style assassination by U.S. marshals of the anti-fascist activist Michael Reinoehl.”

This is a trip down the counter-reality rabbit hole. In this world, in this anti-reality world, Reinoehl is the poor “anti-fascist activist” gunned down by President Donald Trump’s evil federal agents. Goodman is asking not what Brown will do to get rid of the scourge of Antifa, but what she will do about the evil federal government. Brown’s response that she worked to “eradicate these forces from our state.”


Goodman asked, “Do you condemn that death squad-style assassination of this man? And have you called for an investigation?

Brown responded that what happened last summer was “abhorrent” (again she means the actions of the federal agents, not Antifa).

“We are continuing to work to hold federal officials accountable. I expect you will see changes in leadership of local federal officials here in the state of Oregon. That is appropriate. And we are glad to be rid of Donald Trump’s corruption, chaos and, frankly, incompetent governance.”

Where’s the concern about the “death squad style assassination” of the Trump supporter? You know the actual victim here? The person who was really assassinated.

Brown also ignored (and frankly insulted) the finding of the Washington’s Thurston County Sheriff’s Office investigators whose preliminary findings determined that Reinoehl had fired first at the federal agents before they responded.


So I don’t know about you, but it sure sounds to me like Brown is championing someone who not only allegedly assassinated a Trump supporter but who fired on federal agents. How do you get a governor who thinks this behavior is acceptable?

What’s troubling in her comments also is the little smirk she puts on when she says she expects there will be changes in leadership of federal officials. Unfortunately, so true. She knows that Joe Biden will likely cashier any federal officials concerned about doing anything about Antifa.


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