Joe Scarborough's Unhinged Rant: If You're Skeptical About Vaccine Passports, You're Opposing Jesus

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As we previously reported, the Biden White House is working on developing “vaccines passports” that will be on apps with a QR code on your phone that you show in order to get into places/events/businesses.


They’re already under way in New York.

It’s coming and the ball is rolling downhill fast on it, with media already pushing it and bashing anyone who dares to object or raise any questions as not patriotic, not caring about their fellow man.

Take Joe Scarborough. Please.

This has got to be some of the biggest bunch of bull I’ve heard on the subject yet and we’re just getting started on this whole thing so I’m sure there will be a lot more.

Scarborough’s rant is beyond unhinged, any concerns about the government issuing or being involved in electronic vaccine passports that will dictate where you can go and where you can get into is “anti-science” according to him.

He proceeds to call people morons, following a failed game show host, apparently forgetting it’s that president who actually is the reason that he and others can be vaccinated today, that had it not been for him, you wouldn’t have the vaccines, that that president saved countless lives by his actions that would not have been saved under a Democratic president concerned about cutting off travel with China being “hysterical xenophobia” or disinclined to work around the government slowness to partner with private business to get it done.


You’re apparently only allowed to “follow conspiracy theories” if Joe or Democrats are pushing them, like conspiracies against Republicans such as the Russia collusion conspiracy.

“They can’t tell us what to do,” Scarborough says about folks who object. Yes, but apparently you think you can tell them what to do, or more exactly that the government can.

Speaking of the science, if he and his son get vaccinated and the vaccine works, why is he worried about who he might sit next to? That seems pretty anti-science to me, as though he’s suggesting the vaccines don’t work.

“The time to reason with these people has long passed,” Scarborough rants about anyone who might object. You will comply or you wouldn’t get into any business or event that signs onto this.

But then he really loses it when he tries to bring in Jesus, suggesting somehow you’re opposing Jesus if you are not all on board with this. “Go live in your basement, but it’s not going to stop us,” he says, not seeming to understand the concept of freedom of assembly that he just mentioned.


“The selfishness is incredible. The stupidity is incredible… If you still believe in God, maybe get on your knees and pray … Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth.’ When did that stop mattering to you? When did the truth stop mattering to you so much that you are willing to put other people’s lives at risk? Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his brother. You’re doing the opposite. You’re going out of your way to kill people.”

Nice job going anti-fact, anti-science, anti-Constitution, anti-75 million Trump supporters and anti-other Christians by misusing Jesus.


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