Getty Photographer Removed While Doing Job at Border by Law Enforcement Because of Biden Media Ban

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

While we’ve now seen some pictures of the CBP facilities that are so crowded and are so problematic, the Biden team is still not letting the media generally in to see the facilities and they’re still blocking the CBP from freely talking to the media about what’s actually going on.

Biden was asked about that during the press conference today and his response was decidedly unsatisfactory, it amounted to well, we’re going to keep doing that until we achieve what we want there. Huh? That wasn’t even an answer.

So what’s his answer to how Getty photographer John Moore was treated when he was just trying to do his job, taking pictures of the illegal aliens streaming in at the border?

According to Moore, he was removed by local law enforcement who said they were operating “under orders” from the CBP (who is acting under orders from the White House).

Moore made the point that while they let a video camera into a “sanitized” facility in a controlled way, they still are blocking off the media in general from actually seeing the real conditions.

A few things that are concerning there. That’s actually trying to control what the press is taking pictures of outside out in the open, since when does the government have the right to do that? Answer? It doesn’t.

Then on top of that, what is he saying, the local law enforcement was acting under orders from the CBP? Since when does local law enforcement take orders from the CBP (really meaning the White House and the Biden folks)? What’s going on here?

Moore also wrote about the problem in a WaPo piece, explaining how he was able to cover everything under prior administrations, including under President Donald Trump. No longer, under Biden.

For the past four presidential administrations, I have accompanied U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and photographed their encounters with migrants as they enforced immigration policy. No longer. Last week, when I documented migrant detentions in El Paso, I had to do so from the Mexican side of the border, taking long-range shots. Until now, journalists haven’t had to stand in another country to cover what is happening in the United States.

Most asylum seekers cross the Rio Grande into South Texas on land controlled by federal agents. For decades, the U.S. government has let journalists accompany Border Patrol agents and other officials as they surveil the land. But since the change in administration, those agents have been physically blocking journalists from the riverbank. For example, after being turned down for official access on a trip in February, I followed a Border Patrol transport bus in my own vehicle to where agents were detaining migrants. They stopped me before I got close enough to take pictures. They called a supervisor, and ordered me to leave immediately.

Moore raises a lot of great questions and they deserve being answered. The ridiculous response that Biden gave today wasn’t an answer or any kind of a justification for actions like this. This is straight up press suppression of the crisis. Because they don’t want to see pictures like his photo of the tiny little pink bootie, showing how young some of the children being so endangered are.

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