Joe Biden Falls Back on an Old Excuse to Avoid Comment on the Imploding Border Crisis

Joe Biden Falls Back on an Old Excuse to Avoid Comment on the Imploding Border Crisis
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

So what is Joe Biden doing as the crisis at the border explodes because of his words and policies?

Is he going to the border? Changing things to go back to what was working under President Donald Trump?


The 78-year-old Biden called a lid at 1:13 p.m. EST today, according to the White House pool report. That means he was closing his day to any further public appearances or media coverage and isn’t intending to travel. And he’s done for the day, leaving his poor misbegotten press secretary, Jen Psaki, to try to have to deal with all the mess.

CBS White House reporter Kathryn Watson announced it and said she wanted to call a lid on work now, too.

Must be getting worse.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump was all over the news with an official statement that I wrote about earlier, as well as appearing on Fox to decry the Biden actions that destroyed the protections he’d put in place for the border. “They are destroying the country,” Trump said, calling it a “national disgrace.” He also attacked the transparency of the Biden team. “There is none,” he said during an appearance on Fox with Harris Faulkner. “And, you know, I guess you’re supposed to have a press conference on Thursday. But the questions will all be softballs.”

All Biden had was a scheduled virtual meeting with the Senate Democratic Caucus, but the White House refused to elaborate on what he was doing for the rest of the day. Practicing how to get through the press conference his people promised he’d do on Thursday?

During the campaign, Biden frequently called a “lid” early in the day which was unprecedented in the middle of a presidential campaign. As The Washington Examiner recalls, “in one stretch, he called lids at 9:22 a.m., 9.20 a.m., 1:02 p.m., and 8.34 a.m. during one September week.”

His campaign hid him so much during the campaign, he earned the nickname “Basement Biden.”

So former Trump spokesperson Judd Deere chided Biden today after the lid was announced and asked if it was a non-working day?

It might have been windy and that could have posed a hazard, as we saw over the weekend.

Psaki was asked about Biden’s health after the fall and Psaki seemed to dance around wording for a bit about whether Biden had seen a doctor afterward, but reiterated that Biden was fine.

Kayleigh McEnany said that the situation at the border had to be really bad, that’s why they were having a media blackout on the CBP.

“This is becoming such a drumbeat, and I’ve got to imagine the only reason that they’re keeping press out and allowing this kind of narrative to set in is, because the conditions are bad, and they know it would enrage their progressive base,” she said.

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