Trump Calls for Investigation Into Gagging of Media at Border, Bashes Biden Response, 'They're Destroying Our Country'

President Donald Trump is speaking out against the Biden team’s destruction of the border protections that his administration left in place, resulting in illegal aliens flooding across the border.


In typical Trump fashion, he didn’t hold back and laid it all out there.

We proudly handed the Biden Administration the most secure border in history. All they had to do was keep this smooth-running system on autopilot. Instead, in the span of a just few weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster.

They are in way over their heads and taking on water fast.

He criticized the response and the remarks of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, calling it a “national disgrace” and saying anyone should know that “if you provide Catch-and-Release to the world’s illegal aliens then the whole world will come.”

Trump also bashed their lack of transparency and called the effort to deny media access a “cover-up.”

Furthermore, the Mayorkas Gag Order on our Nation’s heroic border agents and ICE officers should be the subject of an immediate congressional investigation. But it’s clear they are engaged in a huge cover-up to hide just how bad things truly are.

Trump said they needed to immediately return to his policies which were protecting the country, including completing the wall.

They are causing death and human tragedy. In addition to the obvious, drugs are pouring into our country at record levels from the Southern Border, not to mention human and sex trafficking.

This Administration’s reckless policies are enabling and encouraging crimes against humanity. Our Country is being destroyed!

But Trump didn’t leave it there. He also spoke on Fox with Harris Faulkner. Faulkner explained how Joe Biden immediately did away with a lot of the agreements that Trump had put in place with other countries to control the illegal immigration flow. Then they got into the question of transparency on the issue by the Biden team. Faulkner pointed out how Biden still hasn’t had a press conference yet, although one is allegedly scheduled for March 25.


Trump explained there was a big difference in how the press dealt with him as opposed to Biden; that Biden’s gotten softballs and asked about his favorite ice cream. He said that Biden didn’t need a press conference because he had the media that “protects him totally.” He also pointed out how Biden was doing in what he worked so hard to achieve — U.S. energy independence. But then he got back to the border and said, “Wait until you see what happens because it’s going to get worse.”

“The reason I weigh in is very simple,” Trump said, “they’re destroying our country. Very simple.”


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