Reuters' Response to Biden Falling on the Stairs Is So 'State Media,' It Would Make North Korea Proud


Yesterday, the story of the day was Joe Biden falling down, three times, on the way up the stairs onto Air Force One.

Now, it would seem that the story would be not only, “Was he alright?” but “Why did he fall?”. Was it part of the issues that we have been seeing from Biden? Is it part of the bigger problem? And really, ultimately why are there two different standards of review for any action, if President Donald Trump did something versus if Joe Biden does it?


His team sought to dispel any questions, claiming that it was just “the wind,” which really wasn’t a great excuse, as we pointed out. Really not looking good, if a grown man can’t stand up in a little wind. It would have been immeasurably better if they just said he tripped and was thereafter momentarily unsteady.

Now, we didn’t think that they were going to do the 24/7 analysis that they did when some thought President Donald Trump was just walking slowly down a ramp at the West Point graduation. We knew there would never be any kind of similar reaction.

But Reuters not only didn’t go that route, they seemed to go full-on propaganda mode for Biden.

“President Joe Biden may have taken a bit of a fall on his way into Air Force One but his approval rating is steadily climbing since he took office, according to a @Reuters/Ipsos poll.”

Now first, that sounds like state media right there. North Korea has nothing on these guys. With media like this, there will never be anything bad that Biden does. At least, that the media covers, anyway. Everything will be spun to how great he is, and how everyone loves him. This sounds a lot like what Judge Laurence Silberman was warning about from the media in his just-released dissent.


A ‘bit of a fall’ is how they describe crashing all over the stairs. Not to mention that other polls have indicated that the most popular guy ever may have slipping numbers because of the way he has avoided the press, and because of the burgeoning border crisis. So no, not sure I’m buying their claim that it just keeps going up and up.

These people aren’t buying the spin either.

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