Former Obama Vet Explains Why Trump Was Better for the GOP Than the GOP Establishment Wing

Former Obama Vet Explains Why Trump Was Better for the GOP Than the GOP Establishment Wing
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As I’ve previously written, Republicans have a decision to make — especially folks like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: Are you going to realize that how President Donald Trump broadened the party? Or are you going to stay with the establishment game and lose to the Democrats?

Republicans already indicated that 46% of them would walk away tomorrow to join a party started by Trump. 27% wouldn’t and others weren’t sure. That’s not happening but it shows how much they want to embrace the policies and actions he brought.

Now, there’s more support for the Trump side vs. the establishment side. Strangely, perhaps, it comes from a former Obama campaign veteran, David Shor, who now works for OpenLabs doing data science.

Townhall explains how Shor deep dives into how Trump was good for the GOP and broadened it, and that Republicans could have a real hold on the federal level in the future if the Democrats don’t do something about it. Which probably explains Democratic efforts to pass H.R. 1 and put a stranglehold on power by changing how elections are done on the local level.

Shor explains how Trump’s base was more diverse than that of Mitt Romney and it was more distributed across the country, in a geographically diverse manner, as well.

From NY Mag:

So I think the Trump era has been very good for the Republican Party, even if they now, momentarily, have to accept this very, very, very thin Democratic trifecta. Because if these coalition changes are durable, the GOP has very rosy long-term prospects for dominating America’s federal institutions.

The question is: Can they get all of the good parts of Trumpism without the bad parts? And I don’t know the answer to that question. But when I look at the 2020 election, I see that we ran against the most unpopular Republican ever to run for president — and we ran literally the most popular figure in our party whose last name is not Obama — and we only narrowly won the Electoral College. If Biden had done 0.3 percent worse, then Donald Trump would have won reelection with just 48 percent of the two-party vote. We can’t control what Trump or Republicans do. But we can add states, we can ban partisan redistricting, and we can elevate issues that appeal to both college-educated liberals and a lot of working-class “conservatives.” If we don’t, things could get very bleak, very fast.

Now, we can quibble with some of his conclusions or wording there, but the point he’s making is a good one about the broad base of Electoral College strength there that Trump has achieved.

But with Republicans will be largely in charge of drawing congressional maps plus Joe Biden and the Democrats pushing more and more extreme leftist positions, it’s going to push more voters to the right in 2022.

…we have no margin for error. If we conduct ourselves the way we did after 2008, we’re definitely going to lose. And due to the way that our electoral system works, we really could be locked out of power for a very long time, just like we were after 2010. So that means the need for messaging discipline is stronger than ever. But keeping the national conversation focused around popular economic issues probably won’t be enough. Since the maps in the House of Representatives are so biased against us, if we don’t pass a redistricting reform, our chance of keeping the House is very low. And then the Senate is even more biased against us than the House.

He also said if Biden’s approval takes a dive below 50 by the end of the year, “we’re probably f***ed.” As we reported last week he’s dipped down to 51% (this is with almost constant positive media from mainstream media).

That’s why we need to do everything we can to solidify that base, draw more people in with common sense economic things that Trump pushed and that appeal to the common man, and let the left drive off a cliff with their insane policy proposals. As people see the resultant wreckage they will more and more get the good they had under Trump and the bad they now have under Biden and the Democrats.

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