NYT Nails Biden For Holding Migrant Children In Violation of Law, But They Do a Little Spinning in the Process

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As we reported earlier, Jen Psaki is refusing to say how many unaccompanied minor kids are being detained in custody amidst reports that the number has tripled in the last couple of weeks alone to 3250.


Psaki even had the audacity to refers reporters to the DHS for answers saying “it’s not our program” as if the DHS wasn’t part of the executive branch. Pro tip, Jen? It is, you guys are responsible for all of it. But this is the little game Psaki’s been playing with reporters, she sends them to an agency who then as the DHS did in this case then sends them back to Psaki, meanwhile still getting no answers. Meanwhile there are thousands more reported to be on the way here.

The Biden team was also tried to sell us on “migrant facilities” as though the ‘cages’ no longer existed. But the cages are still there, which the NY Times confirmed, noting that Biden was breaking the law in holding kids in CBP holding areas them for longer than 72 hours. Jen Psaki had previously tried to explain that ways suggesting it was due to the snowstorm in the middle of last month. But it’s still happening, likely because of the huge surge they created with their own policies.

The New York Times also termed the CBP holding areas as “jail-like facilities” avoiding the term ‘cages.’


“The number of migrant children in custody along the border has tripled in the past two weeks to more than 3,250, and many of them are being held in jail-like facilities for longer than the three days allowed by law.”

If Trump were in charge, we’d also see his name run throughout the tweet or blaming him within it. We’d probably also see stronger language about the law being broken. Now, notice no mention of Biden in the tweet or that all of this surge and more kids being held is because of Biden’s own policies.

Then they spread this nonsense, that it’s somehow “more humane.”

Pray tell, how? Biden’s actually holding more kids longer and breaking the law, what’s “more humane” about that?

But I will give them that at least they noted he was breaking the law and they did use the word “jail” (albeit “jail-like”).


So where are the Democrats and the rest of the media calling for Joe Biden to stop encouraging this situation and to call him out for breaking the law? We heard spin against Trump 24/7, most of which was unfair and Trump wasn’t making the situation worse by encouraging people to come here.

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