Yikes: More Tweets From Biden 'Senior Advisor' That Did Not Age Well

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Biden ‘senior advisor’ Wuhan coronavirus Andy Slavitt just has a history of being wrong.

He even spread a horrible story last March that a Detroit hospital had reached their ventilator limit and was handing out forms to people saying they were only going to treat those with the best chance of survival. That of course was completely false.


You wonder how he can get such a high profile job being as wrong as he has been about the virus. Sort of says something about the Biden team that him being so wrong didn’t stop him from being hired by them.

But because Slavitt is such a prolific tweeter, his bad opinions are all over Twitter, preserved for posterity.

My colleague Bonchie wrote earlier about some of the old tweets from now Biden coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt and how wrong he was about New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

But it didn’t stop there.

Listen to him in October hit all those Democratic talking points, trying to ding Florida by comparison to Cuomo.

This guy is just not living in reality. Florida metrics have been far and away better than New York’s and they didn’t trash their economy in the process. By the way, by October a lot of that was obvious as was the Cuomo nursing home scandal. But apparently not to Slavitt.

Slavitt in July even suggested that the nursing home scandal was a “right wing meme.”


At that point it was widely reported in New York papers. As we reported this week, Cuomo’s people allegedly pressured the New York Department of Health to strip data from a report about nursing home deaths to obscure what the real numbers were. But this guy was out to lunch on it all, blaming the right-wing.

This is the person that the Biden team is relying upon in their virus response. God help us all.

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