Crazy Biden Administration Official's Tweets Come Back to Bite Him

Crazy Biden Administration Official's Tweets Come Back to Bite Him
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Joe Biden ran on a return to normalcy. The “adults” were going to be back in charge. That was ostensibly meant to say that he’d appoint serious people with serious records of success. Instead, we’ve gotten a hodgepodge of the worst of the Obama administration mixed with hangers-on from Biden’s Senate career.

And while there are many, many people to complain about, one name stands out near the top. That would be Andy Slavitt, who lived on MSNBC up until Biden tapped him to be a senior advisor on the COVID response. He was renown for his wild conspiracy theories, including spreading a false tale that a Detroit hospital had announced they were going to let people die because they were so overwhelmed. He also predicted 2 million deaths from COVID during the current pandemic.

Now, because Slavitt has apparently never had a good take, his old tweets on Andrew Cuomo are coming back to bite him.

You know Slavitt is a serious person because his profile pic is a close up of him wearing two masks. That’s the real test of fortitude and expertness (the spell check tells me that’s a word) these days. Regardless, with experts like this, it’s no wonder Joe Biden’s administration has gotten off to such a rough start. Harvard clearly isn’t sending us their best.

Keep in mind that Slavitt made these tweets in July of last year. Not only had 30,000+ people died in New York (by far the worst count in the nation) at that point, but reports of Cuomo covering up nursing home deaths had already been out since May. There was no question at the time Slavitt hit send that Cuomo had actually done the worst job of any governor in the country at responding to the pandemic.

Further, what exactly is this guy’s expertise in? He doesn’t have any background in pandemic response and his prior pronunciations on the current one have been wrong and overwrought enough to make Joy Reid blush. But failing up is a the way of Washington, and Slavitt spit out talking points enough on cable news to secure his latest gig. That’s the shallowness of our government at work.

In short, anyone who saw fit to praise Andrew Cuomo after about early April of last 2020 (at least at that point, one could feign ignorance) isn’t fit to have any role in government. Yet, our bureaucracies and the current administration are full of clowns like Slavitt. It’s another big indictment against the beltway. None of these people are actually smarter than you. Quite the contrary.


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