WaPo Puts Out Full-On Biden Propaganda Tweet That Just Might Blow Your Mind

The Washington Post did its best to spin the pork-zilla Biden bill that the Senate passed today that’s supposedly for “virus relief” but instead seems a huge payoff to a lot of Democratic agenda items and buddies.


Even by usual mainstream media standards, this was pretty bad, bordering on North Korea, Communist China kind of propaganda-speak.

Are they kidding? Biden “showers money?” Like the largesse from the King? It’s our money, from our tax money.

And the only reason many need it is because government denied people the right to work with their lockdown restrictions. Not to mention that Democrats delayed the bill for months until it was way past the election to try to hurt President Donald Trump’s chances.

Indeed Biden actually passed less relief than did Trump to the American people. Trump already passed $1,800 but apparently that isn’t “showering” because he wasn’t a Democrat.

Does anyone actually believe that $1,400 is “showering” anyone with money? Especially after Joe Biden made a campaign promise of $2000 and then backtracked on that? That’s barely enough to pay rent for many for a month.


Does anybody believe that $1,400 is going to do anything to “sharply cut poverty” unless you reopen businesses and people are able to make their own money again rather than completely destroying the economy still more? Indeed delaying it for all that time for political reasons to help Biden precipitated many people into poverty.

Not to mention that fewer people are getting the $1,400 than were originally promised, again unlike Trump.

At what point does it just become so silly that even folks on the left and even folks who supported Biden just find this ridiculous propaganda divorced from reality? Well, here it is. We’ve apparently hit that point on this Baghdad Bob attempt by the WaPo. Everyone saw right through this. All hail the Dear Leader who is so kind and generous to us!



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