Dems Vote Down All Reason in 'Relief Bill,' but Don't Worry, They're Giving Checks to Prisoners and Illegal Aliens

Dems Vote Down All Reason in 'Relief Bill,' but Don't Worry, They're Giving Checks to Prisoners and Illegal Aliens
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As we just reported, the Senate just passed the Wuhan Coronavirus pork-zilla bill on a party-line vote, with 50 Democrats voting for it and 49 Republicans voting against it. It now goes back to the House to vote on.

According to Republicans, about 9% of the bill was actually devoted to things having to do with actual virus ‘relief,’ most of the rest was a festival of Democratic pork and feeding their agenda items and buddies money.

We wanted to note that Republicans and even a Democrat or two tried to inject some sense into the bill, but Democrats voted down any amendments meant to rein anything in or to bring the bill back to what it was actually supposed to be about — help for the American people because of restrictions imposed by the government because of the virus.

Townhall hit upon several of them.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) proposed an amendment to tie money being given to public schools to in-person learning. 100 percent in person would get 100 percent of the funding; 50 percent in person, 50 percent of the funding, and so on. Democrats voted it down. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) put up an amendment that schools would have been required to reopen before they got funding, even offering a $10,000 scholarship per child. Democrats voted it down. As both Rubio and Cruz said, Democrats are sending money to schools that refuse to reopen.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) proposed emergency reimbursement for private schools for virus-related expenditures to help keep schools open like PPE and disinfectant. Democrats voted it down. Money is only supposed to be feeding the teachers’ unions and that agenda, not the private schools that might actually be opening.

Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) tried to get them to overturn the Biden decision to stop the Keystone Pipeline, to save jobs that are already so hurt by the pandemic. Democrats voted it down.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) just asked that there be a proviso to hold states accountable for reporting their nursing home death numbers because that’s where so many have died in the course of the pandemic and we should know how many that actually is.

Now, you know for sure Democrats don’t want people to have accurate numbers on that, not just because of the Cuomo scandal, but because there are a few other Democratic governors who also ordered their nursing homes to accept positive virus patients. So it’s not just Cuomo about whom there might be a question. Democrats voted it down.

While Joe Biden broke his promise of proposing $2000 per person, backing it down to $1400, not only are you getting less than what you were promised, repeatedly, by Biden, but prisoners and illegal aliens are getting the checks, too.

“Prisoners do not pay taxes. Taxpayers pay for their every need. Inmates cannot stimulate the economy. But, under this bill they receive stimulus checks. This is a perfect example of nontargeted, inappropriate, and total waste of spending. It’s ridiculous that this is in the bill,” Cassidy said in a statement.

Ted Cruz proposed an amendment to prevent illegal aliens from getting checks of American tax dollars.

Democrats voted down both proposed amendments.

Now, it’s fair to say I’m not a fan of Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). But he did propose one of the most obvious and logical amendments that should have been part of the bill. Under his amendment, states would get the aid based on need and real virus costs; the states who didn’t need it wouldn’t get it. That seems rather obvious. But not to Democrats. That wouldn’t fit the agenda and their buddies wouldn’t get the money. So Democrats for sure voted that down.

Props to the Republicans for trying and it really exposed that this really had very little to do with need or actual relief.

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