Eric Swalwell Really Doesn't Want Americans to Find Out What's in the Virus Relief Bill

Eric Swalwell Really Doesn't Want Americans to Find Out What's in the Virus Relief Bill
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Democrats are trying now to push their pork-zilla Wuhan coronavirus relief bill through the Senate.

As we previously reported, only about 9% of the bill has to do with actual virus-related relief, according to Republicans. Meanwhile there’s a ton of pork to all kinds of Democratic agenda items and constituencies.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) eviscerated the bill.

“Biden said in putting together the bill, he said we want to meet you, us, the Republicans, halfway. If that’s the case he’s a damn poor judge of distance. He’s rejected everything we’ve proposed. This bill is dreadful.”
“The only way I know how to improve it is with a shredder,” Kennedy said. “It’s not even a coronavirus bill.”

“Calling this a coronavirus bill,” Kennedy declared, “is like calling Harvey Weinstein a feminist. It’s chock full of spending porn. Billions of dollars to states and local governments that have seen the revenues go up. Billions of dollars to pension programs. Billions of dollars to schools, with no requirement that they open. It’s an orgy of pork. And using a so-called coronavirus bill as an excuse to fund pork is like looting after a bad disaster.”

So Republicans have come up with a way to point this all out and it has Democrats like Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) fuming.

Republicans are planning to read every single bit of the 600-700 page bill so Americans know what’s in it and to force Democrats to actually hear how much pork is in their bill. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) also said he was going to force votes on a lot of amendments to resist the bill.

“Very mature,” Swalwell fumed. “Americans are starving. Scraping by. Desperate to be vaccinated. But please, @SenateGOP, proceed with the theater.

So if Americans are starving why have Democrats delayed this so long, since before the election? It was delayed so as to not help the economy and inherently President Donald Trump. They didn’t care if it hurt Americans along the way.

Yes, how dare Republicans tell Americans what’s in the bill the Democrats’ bill! We can’t have that. People might actually hear the pork that they’ve shoved in there and realize how little of it actually has to do with real relief for Americans. More mature to keep all that covered up so people don’t know, right, Eric?

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