Chris Cuomo Finally Addresses His Brother's Scandals On Air, It's More Than Infuriating What He Says

Finally, on Monday night, Chris Cuomo addressed the controversy and scandal imploding around his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and spoke about CNN’s coverage of it, saying he wasn’t able to cover it.


His remarks really were infuriating.

“You’re straight with me. I’ll be straight with you. Obviously I am aware of what is going on with my brother,” Cuomo said. “And obviously I cannot cover it because he is my brother. Now, of course CNN has to cover it. They have covered it extensively and they will continue to do so. I have always cared very deeply about these issues and profoundly so. “There’s a lot of news going on that matters also so let’s get after that.”

First of all, a little late to come to this realization that you shouldn’t be covering your brother, don’t you think? Since you participated, effectively, in promoting the cover-up with a false image of your brother because you didn’t report on the scandal unfolding around him. Instead you not only didn’t report on the nursing home scandal, you did extensive time praising his response, having cutesy skits with him, talking about how women were crushing on him and calling him the “luv gov.” It was gross and disgusting then. It’s gross and disgusting now that you would try to just run past that as though it never happened and you don’t owe us all an apology for the deception and the conflict of interest.


Here are a couple of examples of that ‘coverage.’

Their comedy skit routine, six days after I reported on the cover-up of how New York was juggling the numbers of the deaths so they wouldn’t look as high. Also after Chris was out despite his ‘quarantine.’ But he’ll be straight with you, remember.

Second, it’s false that CNN covered it extensively. Indeed for a very long time, through all the cutesy skits and the evolving scandal last year, they scrupulously avoided covering it. Even when it finally exploded in the last couple of weeks, CNN wasn’t right on it.

Cuomo’s remarks tonight just inflamed everyone who has watched how this has all unfolded over the past year.


Jounalists called out the obvious issues with what Chris and CNN had done in propping up his brother and how now he sought to hide behind the “conflict” not to have to address it.


Andrew Cuomo is finally being investigated and looked into for a lot of these things that were done. But it isn’t just him but CNN and his brother that need to answer up for their part in what went down here.


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