Biden Opening Up 'Migrant Facility' Accused of Being Contaminated, Refuses to Let Reporters In to Inspect Facilities

Biden Opening Up 'Migrant Facility' Accused of Being Contaminated, Refuses to Let Reporters In to Inspect Facilities
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I reported about how the Biden team was reopening up another ‘migrant facility’ in Homestead to deal with the surge that Joe Biden himself has created with his words and his executive orders.

As it turns out, this was in fact a place that was originally opened under Obama/Biden and the same place that several Democrats running for the Democratic nomination last year including Kamala Harris went to and blasted as a horrible place.

So why are they reopening it? Because now the Biden team is going to shortly be up against it, with predictions of thousands more kids coming, a prediction of even 20,000 beds that would be needed, according to Axios. If there’s that many for kids, also, imagine how many adults that means coming too.

So instead of understanding that their policies are flat-out wrong and that President Donald Trump’s policies were right and halted the flow, they’re going to try to open up ‘facilities’ to address the surge. Meanwhile Biden’s DHS Sec claimed there wasn’t a crisis and himself said things that would spark more people to come. Even Democrats in the border areas are pleading with Biden to have some sense and stop this.

But activists are alleging that this place is actually potentially contaminated and a danger to the children.

That doesn’t sound good. Doesn’t sound like what Dr. Jill claimed when she interrupted her husband to supplement his answer, saying they’re running things “humanely.”

On top of that there’s their lack of transparency problem again. They’re not letting reporters into the ‘migrant facilities’ to check them out and report on them (unlike what President Trump did), using the excuse of the virus, according to reporters who tried to get into the Carizzo Springs facility in Texas.

From Daily Caller:

“The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is not hosting media tours of unaccompanied children (UC) facilities currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” an ACF spokesperson told the DCNF. “If media tours resume, we will send a media advisory,” the spokesperson added.

That might be a little harder now with both Texas and Florida being open up and those are the two places where the facilities are. Hmm, what don’t they want people to see?

According to the Daily Caller, the DHS is also refusing to say how the Carizzo Springs facility will be different than when it was run under Trump, as Dr. Jill claimed. There’s that transparency problem again.

Meanwhile, yes, kids are still being kept in the ‘cages’ (holding areas) in CBP facilities.

But it’s all cool, because they ‘care.’

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