We Are In So Much Trouble: Biden Team Encouraging Illegal Entry Surge, Listen to the DHS Sec Spin

We Are In So Much Trouble: Biden Team Encouraging Illegal Entry Surge, Listen to the DHS Sec Spin
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Joe Biden’s immigration policies are bad and if you listen to his new Department of Homeland Security Secretary, they’re about to get even worse for the United States.

If you think that Biden’s words haven’t caused enough of a problem already, and they certainly have, Alejandro Mayorkas just added to that in spades.

He just signaled to every illegal alien, excuse me “asylum seeker,” that they will be welcomed with open arms, maybe not just now, but once the Biden team figures out a “safe and orderly process.”

So if you weren’t already just able to get in under Biden, just make sure when you come in the surge that’s already underway, that you yell, “asylum!” and you’re good.

But don’t worry, Mayorkas says, it’s not really a “crisis” (despite them having to open extra “migrant facilities” already to deal with the surge). The reporter explains how 13,000 children are now predicted to be coming in May, with 200 coming a day.

The reporter makes the great point that they’re already far beyond the 1000/day point that former DHS Sec under Barack Obama said would be a “crisis” for and overwhelm the system. The reporter said we are already at 3-4000 crossing per day, according to CBP officials.

As Townhall explains, in January 2021, nearly 6000 minors entered illegally, the largest number in years.

But whether it’s a challenge or a crisis, it for sure isn’t Joe Biden’s fault because of anything he has said or done with his words or executive orders, Mayorkas assures us. Guess whose fault it is, that we’re not having a “crisis” now. You got it. Orange man bad.

He claims that President Donald Trump gutted the system? Is he high? The Trump administration could shut down the places that Biden now has to open again because Trump was able to stop the surge of illegal aliens with sound policy.

This guy doesn’t have the first idea the people are coming because of Biden’s words and actions, not to mention now his own words are now going to encourage them to come.

Trump, through dint of great effort and solid policy largely held the problem in check, despite being checked and opposed by the Democrats every single step of the way. He creatively figured out a way to essentially make Mexico itself a “wall” by making a deal with them to stop the illegal aliens passing through Mexico at their southern border before they every got near ours.

But now Biden is blowing that all away.

HT: Townhall

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