Even Dems Now Warning About Biden's Dangerous Illegal Immigration Actions Including People Not Tested for Virus

Even Dems Now Warning About Biden's Dangerous Illegal Immigration Actions Including People Not Tested for Virus
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I wrote earlier about the mess that Joe Biden is fast making of dealing with illegal immigration and how his DHS secretary doesn’t appear to have the first idea about what’s going on or how they are encouraging a surge.

But the folks in the border areas know and they’re not at all happy about it.

They’re speaking out and now even the Democrats are warning about the danger of Joe Biden’s policies.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), a moderate, warned against easing up on illegal aliens, pointing to the effect on Texans, local hospitals and the concerns about spreading the Wuhan coronavirus. He said he was concerned about trying to efforts to satisfy people on the left, but “You just can’t say, ‘Yeah, yeah, let everybody in’ — because then we’re affected down there at the border,” Cuellar said to Axios. But that’s essentially what they keep doing when they give indications that people will be allowed to stay or wouldn’t be expelled.

The Biden team stopped the use of an emergency health order that had allowed the Trump administration to quickly expel migrant children who crossed the border. That of course has the effect of encouraging more to come. Cuellar urged Biden to reinstitute Trump’s health order to protect the border area. He said smugglers were going to market Biden’s words to encourage more to come.

Cuellar said there was also a concern about illegal aliens coming in without getting a Wuhan coronavirus test first. Cuellar pointed out the logical contradiction of shutting down legal cross border traffic that is harming businesses and people, but then allowing this to go on. He explained that many local businesses depend on Mexican shoppers for 50% to 75% of their sales. Great point. But apparently Joe Biden doesn’t care about the inconsistency of his position on that. Thank you, Rep. Cuellar for looking out for you people and bringing it up.

Cuellar wasn’t the only one telling Joe Biden to stop doing things that left illegal aliens into the community.

Here was Democratic Mayor Bruno Lozano, during the weather/energy crisis in Texas, telling Biden not to release any more illegal aliens into their city of Del Rio because it was overloading them and they couldn’t take it.

Unfortunately for the Democrats speaking up and the other folks at the border, it doesn’t look like Joe Biden is listening to what they’re saying, so the surge is about to get a whole lot worse very quickly.

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