Biden Secretary of State Makes a Whopper of a Mistake During Meeting With Mexican Official

(AP Photo/Lee Jin-man, File)

Democrats have pushed the fiction of the “adults being back in charge” with Joe Biden.

If “adult” means not able to give coherent answers and getting basically every policy wrong, then maybe I have a different opinion of “adult” than do Democrats.


But speaking of those adults who are supposed to know more (spoiler: they know less), we give you Biden Secretary of State Antony Blinken who apparently doesn’t know how to hang the Mexican flag and almost causes an international incident with how he does it.

Blinken was having a virtual meeting with Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard.

The Zoom meeting showed Blinken sitting at a desk in front of the American and Mexican flags.

Except there was one rather significant problem: the Mexican flag was hung upside down.

Apparently, Blinken was unaware of it.

The flag upside down can show distress, protest, and/or can be meant as an insult. Obviously not the thing the “adults” should be doing.

It wasn’t missed by Mexico, whose reporters pointed out the improper display.

From Fox News:

“With the flag of Mexico upside-down, Secretary of State [Blinken] began a virtual visit to the country,” observed journalist Ariel Moutsatsos.

“Biden’s secretary of state appears before the Republic of Mexico with the Mexican flag upside down,” wrote Leonardo Toledo. “It’s a sign, monseur Blinken, a sign.”

“What happened there? The Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, began his ‘virtual visit’ in which he spoke with Chancellor [Marcelo Ebrard],” asked the publication Periódico Síntesis asked. “But why is the Mexican flag upside down?”

“The flag of Mexico is flipped upside-down, not the other way around,” wrote journalist Leo Agusto, questioning if there was a “coded message” in the upside-down flag.

“The Dept. of State of the US turned the Mexican flag upside down for Secretary Blinken’s videoconference with Chancellor Marcelo Embrard,” wrote journalist Javier Garza Ramos. “In navigation, raising an upside-down flag is an emergency call to signal extreme danger. There must be a reason.”


Yes, unfortunately, there is a reason. We have blithering idiots at the switch now, with Biden who has been wrong about every foreign policy decision for the last 47 years. And unfortunately, he’s going to turn our foreign policy and immigration policy with Mexico upside down, as the flag literally presages.

There’s no question if it were Trump, it would be run on every network incessantly for a few days, with analysis on what it indicates and how much it had harmed our relationship with Mexico.

Now, with Biden? Don’t even expect any of the MSM to actually even cover it and if they do, it will be as a light-hearted “whoops,” let’s move on.


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