NBC Hack Tries to Go After Josh Hawley, Ends Up Looking Terribly Silly

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

I remember that once upon a time, long ago, that I used to think Michael Beschloss a responsible presidential historian.

Unfortunately, watching what he’s tweeted over the past couple of years has completely disabused me of any such pretense. He’s another one who President Donald Trump broke, another one who revealed just how far out there he really is. But he’s still working for NBC as their presidential historian.


Now I wrote earlier about Sen. Josh Hawley’s questioning of Merrick Garland during his Senate hearing on his nomination for Attorney General. As I reported, Garland said the strangest thing ever, claiming that an attack on a federal courthouse might not be “domestic terrorism” if it happens at night, if it’s not disrupting “democratic processes.”

Now folks on the left like Beschloss have been doing all they can to demonize Hawley because he dared to object to the electoral count. It doesn’t matter that Democrats did it before, for the last three Republican presidents. One would think Beschloss might know that.

But apparently in the process of questioning Garland, Hawley made what appeared to be a pointing gesture. Beschloss just lost it. “What U.S. Senator in history pointed menacingly at witnesses like this?” Beschloss decried.

Menacingly? If he thinks that’s menacing he really doesn’t know what menacing looks like.


Then he really went over the slide comparing Hawley to Sen. Joe McCarthy.

And Joe Cantwell.

Imagine someone who claims to be a “historian” to make such an asinine comment. Pointing isn’t evil and every politicians since the year 1 has likely done it. Which any historian would just inherently know, except apparently Beschloss. This is just silly to try to demonize Hawley with a very un-menacing picture.

Beschloss got ratioed big time, with many providing other examples.


Guess old confused Joe is Joe McCarthy now.

Of course, there are some who point but not in a very menacing way.

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