Jen Psaki Finally Answers a Question, But Her Response Shows Why She Normally Evades Them

The Biden team really has been horrible in dealing with the question of schools reopening.

As we previously reported, Joe Biden said in December that his goal was to have most schools open within his first 100 days, which is by April 30. Jen Psaki than adjusted that to ‘most at 1 day a week.’ Then Biden said that reports of that were wrong, seemingly blaming reporters for what she said, saying that that was a “mistaken communication.”


Then, the Biden team refused to respond to the question about whether it is necessary for teachers to be vaccinated before opening schools. Meanwhile the CDC had said it isn’t necessary, but the “follow the science” crew wasn’t willing to concede that until ultimately pressed on it by media.

Then Biden said that he was concentrating on getting to most K-8 going five days a week (too bad, high schoolers, you’re just out of luck in a Biden world).

Now, Jen Psaki has just given another very problematic response.

She was asked about school opening and mentioned how they were providing $130 billion in the relief bill to schools to have “resources.”

From Daily Wire:

“Obviously, President Biden first had said he wanted to see the majority of schools reopened by the end of his first 100 days, that would be April. Now the the goal is K-8 five days a week,” ABC News host Jonathan Karl said. “What, is this realistic? Are we going to see the majority of schools in this country open by April?”

“That’s our goal. That’s our objective. That’s our plan,” Psaki responded. “And, but what we need and what the President said at the time we need, is funding. That’s why he’s proposed $130 billion in the American Rescue Plan, because many schools across the country don’t have the resources to be able to invest in improving facilities on hiring more bus drivers, on hiring more temporary teachers so we can have smaller class sizes. There have been some important steps in the last week, including the CDC guidelines that give clear science based guidelines for school districts on a range of steps they can take to be safe, but every school in the country does not have that funding and does not have the resources and we need to from from the federal government help address that.”


Notice how this ticks all the boxes of what the teachers’ unions wanted before the pandemic: more people, smaller classes. Funny that. Then of course those new folks and space will never leave or go back to normal.

So Karl then asked another perfectly logical question given here answer: so if you’re providing all that money to schools, are you going to make it contingent on them reopening? “Does the President support the idea of making that funding in the American Rescue Plan contingent on schools reopening? So a requirement, you receive funding, you bring students back?”

But it’s Biden, so logic not required. Psaki said no, “That’s not a contingency that we’re putting in” or even recommending.

Oh. So flood the schools with money, for agenda items they always wanted, supposedly to deal with the pandemic to allow them to reopen but then not even require they reopen? What kind of magical thinking is this? This is the Democrats in a nutshell, throw money at it while not requiring any actual results. They also said it was necessary to pass this to allow schools to reopen, but then that reopening isn’t even factored into it any way? If they aren’t opening why do they need any of this? This is madness.

On top of all that, as we’ve previously said, most schools are already open already, in at least a hybrid fashion with already at least 2-3 days a week and K-8 is already almost at 50% going full time, five days a week, none of that because of Biden, without any reported virus consequences and without this relief bill.



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