Democrats Stuff the COVID Relief Bill Full of All Kinds of Pork - Just Not for the Americans Who Need It

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House Democrats finally released their long-awaited $1.9 trillion Wuhan coronavirus relief bill.

It probably wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that it would be packed full of goodies for the friends of Democrats like the prior “relief” bills, seeming less about “relief” to help desperate Americans and more like doling out pork for pet causes.


Of course, you’d be right.

While Joe Biden’s proposal shortchanges Americans on the $2000 he had originally promised and reemphasized during the Georgia campaign, including only a $1400 check for months of lost work for individuals making less than $75,000. Americans who are unemployed will get $400 a week on top of their state-issued benefits. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) also got $7 billion. Those might provide a small amount for cash-strapped Americans.

But there are also a ton of things that feed right into the Democratic agenda and pork machine that really have nothing to do with the virus. So why are they there? It’s that old Democratic maxim, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” They’re going to try to get all they can out of it for their agenda.

Top on the hit parade that they’d love to get through is the $15 minimum wage, structured out to reach that over five years. Of course. what a time to try to drop that on already strapped businesses, in a bill that supposed to be about relief, here they are trying to impose things that would make companies go out of business and/or have to fire people.

There are of course the other pet causes like $50 million for family planning which has what to do with the Wuhan coronavirus? It’s just one of their pet desires to push abortion. Not to mention let’s not forget some of the biggest donors to the Democrats, the teachers’ unions who right now seem to be influencing the Biden team adversely when it comes to opening school. Their reward? $128.5 billion.


Oh, let’s not forget climate change and all the environmental goodies. $100,000,000 for the EPA to address “health outcome disparities from pollution and the COVID pandemic,” $50,000,000 for “environmental justice” and “tackling the climate crisis” as well as $50,000,000 for the Clean Air Act.

WHO lied to us in January about the transmissibility of the disease and President Donald Trump rightly tried to hold their feet to the fire so they would reform and not lie for China. But Joe Biden completely threw that effort under the bus, didn’t care about that and is now giving them $300,000,000 to guide COVID animal surveillance. Who would put anything under the guidance of WHO when they didn’t tell the truth to the world before? What if what they observe looks bad for China, would we ever get an honest answer?

There are billions in bail out money for universities and once again for the arts and humanities organizations, billions to bail out the railroads and the airlines, plus $750 million being sent abroad (hey, unemployed Americans don’t need any money).

For just the administration of this act, there’s $73,000,000 just for their not to mention $9,000,000 for their inspector general. A ton of people unemployed and in need and they’re giving some guy that amount of money?

Then there’s $1,000,000,000 to try to convince people to get the vaccine.

I could go on forever, there’s so much questionable nonsense. According to the Daily Wire, about 15% is on liberal pet agenda items and not immediate pandemic need. That seems a kind estimate, it feels like a lot more.


But, in perhaps the biggest boondoggle of them all, there’s $350,000,000,000 that’s going to bail out state and local governments Those numbers were based on projections that the state and local governments would get hit bad. But not only are some not hit as badly as projected some like California actually have a revenue increase. It doesn’t matter. They’re still getting extra money under the Biden bill. Talk about a local Democratic slush fund for things that like have not a lot to do with the pandemic.

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