Pelosi Crashes House Impeachment Managers Presser, Melts Down Over Acquittal and Blames McConnell

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

It’s possible that there wasn’t any person angrier in all of Washington, D.C. than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) after the acquittal of President Donald Trump came in earlier today.


Pelosi was furious that, once again, she’d failed in her continuing effort to do-in President Donald Trump; that she wasn’t able to successfully use taxpayer’s time and money to block her political opponent from running again with an impeachment conviction.

When the House impeachment managers met after the acquittal to give their reactions to the press, Pelosi crashed the presser to vent her rage at Republicans and Trump for foiling her yet again.

She stormed in and went off, sometimes shaking.

From Daily Mail:

‘Oh these cowardly senators who couldn’t face up to what the president did and what was at stake for our country are now going to have a chance to give a little slap on the wrist,’ she said as she physically gave herself a slap on the wrist.

‘We censure people for using stationary for the wrong purpose,’ she said, picking up a few pieces of paper laying on the podium and waving them around.

She added: ‘We don’t censure people for inciting insurrections.’


You don’t do anything when you fail to prove your case, Nancy.

Pelosi then exploded at Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Republican leader, and tried to blame him for the Democratic failures in the presentation of their case.

She claimed McConnell refused to accept the impeachment article against President Donald Trump while he was still in office.

‘So for him to get up there and make this indictment against the president and then say, ‘but I can’t vote for it because it’s after the fact.’ The fact that he established! The fact that he established that it could not be delivered after the inauguration.’ […]

‘What is so important about any one of us, what is so important about the political survival about any one of us that is more important than our Constitution that we take an oath to protect and defend?’ she questioned, shaking at times with anger.

Mirror, check it. Why is she still there at 80 years old, still trying to cling to her power?


But there’s no reason that McConnell should have to change the schedule to comply with the Democrats’ insanity when Trump was already leaving office. She’s just furious that she isn’t able to block Trump from running again.

“Remember when he talked about, when he talked about incitement, he said he didn’t think this rose to the level,’ she said. ‘So he was hedging all over the place.’ No, he understands enough about the law to know there’s no criminal incitement case. The facts support Trump.

But even though she’s spouting off here, I’m betting she’s relieved that she doesn’t have to testify about what she knew when and about not requesting the National Guard earlier. Now, she can’t let them go and can’t explain why she’s still keeping the Guard there.


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