Clay Travis Just Decimates Chris Cuomo Over the Way He's Covered His Brother vs. Ron DeSantis

One of the things that has been extremely frustrating in covering the story about Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been the fact that all the evidence of what was going on was there to be found, hiding in plain sight but a lot of the national media just refused delivery on it because they wanted to contrast him as the Democratic hero to President Donald Trump and feed people’s Trump Derangement Syndrome. Rather than just looking at what a horrible character Cuomo really is and what a horrific thing he did in his state.


Now maybe some of it is finally getting out there and being acknowledged. But media really has a lot to answer for in their part of this story and perhaps no media outlet more than CNN who had the Governor on multiple times to praise him in cutesy little spots being interviewed by his brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

This is how CNN interviewed Gov. Cuomo when they knew that there was an issue and when they knew that he had more deaths in his state than any other state.

This is when it was full on in the middle of the scandal, shortly after it broke:

Then this:

They also had comedy skits and Chris Cuomo talking about what an eligible bachelor Andrew was. That’s news? Chris was right about one thing. What his brother did was indeed, unbelievable, just not in the way that he meant.


CNN really can’t ever claim to be a serious news network with what they pulled when it comes to the Cuomo brothers.

But instead of asking his brother any serious questions, they stylized Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis as the evil villain of the pandemic when indeed DeSantis was the exact opposite, taking extreme care to protect the most vulnerable population, the seniors in nursing homes and forbidding sending positive patients back into nursing homes.

But because DeSantis is a Republican with likely presidential aspirations, they’ve been going all in trying to destroy him preemptively, while pumping up Andrew Cuomo.

Here’s what Chris Cuomo said about DeSantis. What supreme irony, given his brother was already accused of covering up the facts.

Clay Travis of Outkick just lays Chris out flat with a tweet today in response to that July tweet. Oh my.


“Hey Chris, since you’re big on questioning gubernatorial covid data,” he said, “I look forward to you interviewing your brother, the Governor of New York, about hiding data on the thousands of elderly New Yorkers he killed. Lead story tonight on @cnn, right? Thanks, bud.

Thinking that interview is not coming any time soon.

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