CNN's Chris Cillizza Has Figured Out Who's Really to Blame for the Reddit GameStop Efforts

Well, you knew with all the fury over the Reddit GameStop efforts over the last day or so, that CNN was guaranteed to say something colossally dumb. And you’d be right, of course.


Guess who’s to blame for it all? If you guessed that evil Orange Man, you’d be right on target. But then, when isn’t Trump the bête noire that CNN is postulating? They’re so predictable.

In an article by CNN’s Chris Cillizza titled “How Trumpism explains the GameStop stock surge,” Cillizza suggests the Gamestop effort was inspired by Trump.

At the core of Donald Trump’s angry populist appeal was — and is — this sentiment: The elites think they know better than you. They think they can tell you how to live and what to believe. But guess what? We the people are smarter than the elites!

He continues:

The point is that there is no real point beyond showing up the pros — proving to them that they aren’t as smart as they think they are and that they don’t have the ability to control everything.

Which, again, has its roots in Trumpism. The entire notion of Trump’s candidacy and presidency was to stick it to the elites. And then, well, uh, there wasn’t really a plan beyond that. The screwjob was the point. (Montreal screwjob reference!)


Boy, what an insulting view of Americans this is. That they might not have their own independent thought to “fight the man,” to fight the elite without President Donald Trump, to actually do things for fun and for some, profit. Trump’s a result of people wanting to toss out the elite, not the other way around. It is just possible that American knew they were human without Trump. And Chris, there is far more than just sticking it to the elite in voting for Trump and at his point you don’t understand and haven’t been paying attention.

It’s stunning how anyone still thinks that Cillizza should be paid for such hot takes. But it is CNN after all.

But of course Trump lives rent free in the heads of everyone at CNN, it’s actually pretty hilarious. Even if the story has nothing to do with Trump, they’re going to make it somehow about him.


But in case you thought Chris’ take to make it all about his obsession was dumb, there are still dumber takes.

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