'Creepy': Lights Mysteriously Go out at the Washington Monument

AP Photo/J. David Ake

There’s a mystery this morning that we still don’t have the answer to and it’s raising a lot of questions.

The Washington Monument is lit every night. But for some reason, the lights went out last night except for two little red lights on the top of the building that warn planes that the monument is there.


The National Park Service acknowledged there was an issue on Sunday evening shortly before 8 P.M. in a tweet.

“The exterior lights of the Washington Monument are currently out,” the NPS said. “We are investigating and will have them restored as soon as possible.”

That’s about 14 hours ago and there doesn’t seem to be any answer as to why they are out. The NPS has not posted anything further on the matter as of yet.

Residents in D.C. who are used to it being lit up and using it as a guiding point were thrown off by the darkness.

Some wryly observed it was likely Joe Biden’s problematic energy position striking in D.C.


Some noted this was after the report that Biden had suspended President Donald Trump’s executive order banning foreign involvement in the U.S. power grid which had been aimed primarily at not putting the grid at risk from China.

The NPS announced that the Monument would be closing the day before because of the virus until further notice.

But the NPS said that the lights going out wasn’t related to that, according to CBS.

Perhaps appropriate symbolism for Biden’s dark, calamitous actions so far.


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