Biden Did Horrible Things on Day One, But As Tucker Explains, Stopping Deportations Was One of the Worst

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Joe Biden did a lot of harmful things on his first day, including issuing a 100 day pause in deportations.

That doesn’t just mean stop new deportations, it meant stopping people currently in the process of being deported according to a valid legal decision, decisions that Biden was effectively countermanding with his order. That left ICE in chaos trying to deal with the order, as Tucker Carlson explained.


They were immediately required to stop all removals of any kind. According to the internal email that Carlson spoke of, it ent much further than that. It said that the people were all to be released. “As of midnight tonight, stop all removals,” it read. “Release them all, immediately. No sponsor available is not acceptable any longer.”

So not only did that effectively stop deportations already in progress but they just released them all. That wasn’t what Biden had explained it as when presenting it to media, but that’s what was being put into effect.

So either Biden wasn’t telling media the whole story (big surprise) or as Tucker said, the utter chaos that Biden was injected into the process resulted in people not having any idea of what he was commanding. Which is why you don’t do such things by executive order and why you operate under the force of law, actual laws passed by the representatives of the people and not orders dropped from on high by the oligarch.


Tucker mocked how the mainstream media liked to paint the Trump Administration as chaotic.

But they’re going to find out what chaos really is with Biden. They truly forget how confused and ineffective the Obama/Biden administration was. But at least they had Obama there with his smoothness to cover up a lot of the failure to act and messes. Now they wouldn’t have that. Now the messes will be all out there and even if the MSM doesn’t cover them, the rest of us will.

But when we talk about the folks who wouldn’t be deported, as Carlson explains, it isn’t just the nice people who are trying to make their way here after entering illegally, it includes folks who committed serious crimes that Joe Biden is let stay here. This policy of course waves a big flag to illegal aliens who want to come here, now is the time, which of course is leading to another wave of illegal immigration during a time of pandemic and economic difficulty because of lockdowns over the virus.


Joe Biden also is going to do away with that evil term “illegal aliens” because how dare you actually use the legally correct term that describes the situation?

How does any of this help America or American workers? It doesn’t, it hurts them and one has to think that’s really the point.


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