China's Reaction to Trump Leaving Tells Us Everything We Need to Know

China's Reaction to Trump Leaving Tells Us Everything We Need to Know
Yao Dawei/Xinhua via AP

Every single person who voted for Biden and aided otherwise in getting him to this day needs to look at how China is celebrating and mocking us this morning.

This is what you did.

The fact that the Chinese Communist Party media arm is happy tells you everything you need to know.

First, it tells you how effective that President Donald Trump was with China. Here are just a few of the highlights. When they tried to cover-up the virus and after they passed it to us, he called them out on their lies and their responsibility in the spread. By contrast, Joe Biden’s response to Trump cutting travel with China was “hysterical xenophobia.” He couldn’t even say it was right to cut travel until April 2. Trump also nailed China on civil rights, over their oppression of the people of Hong Kong and their genocide of the Uighur who they have kept in concentration camps. Plus Trump changed the trade posture finally standing up for the U.S. when prior Presidents had not. It was under Trump that people finally came to understand how entrenched our various institutions are with Communist China and how urgent it was to the safety of our country that we divest from those entanglements. Unfortunately some of these entanglements were already so deep from basketball to politicians who are tied to China, like Joe Biden.

Second, they’re jumping up and down with happiness that Dementia Joe is coming in. If they thought that Biden were going to continue Trump’s tough stand on them, they wouldn’t be making such a statement. It’s obvious that they think that he’s going to give them a pass and that should tell you everything you need to know about CCP Joe. Now such a tweet should have Biden chastising them. But it wouldn’t and wouldn’t that just say everything?

Trump actually couldn’t get a better endorsement of the success of his administration. These guys still can’t meme, they can’t tell the difference between the Capitol and the White House.

Unfortunately, Biden is going to give them everything they want. We already saw how he and other Democrats couldn’t even call out China for lying about the virus and didn’t even care about holding them responsible for all the damage it did. Of course, it helped get Biden what he wanted and get Democrats power.

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