Biden Team Comes Up With a Replacement for the Lack of People at the Inaugural

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden had difficulty getting anyone out of his events and campaigned mostly from his basement. His speeches would frequently have more press than guests, looking isolated in their little white circles drawn on the ground.


So how many people was he going to be able to get out for an inauguration?

Biden’s team is downplaying the number, claiming the pandemic and security concerns

He’s made it mostly virtual, according to reports, and reports are there are no real events the public can officially attend in person.

So instead having a live inaugural with very few people which is what likely would have resulted and which would have been embarrassing, the most popular president in history is going to try to convince us of his popularity with flags standing in for people. The flags are supposed to represent the states that all the people would be coming from, 200,000 flags from all the 50 states.


I don’t know about you but what it looks like to me is like the fascist or communist ceremonies of old, that were carefully choreographed events, with flags and the military.

Not to mention that with the flags it looks like a mass memorial service which is not the way you would want to start.

Remember this it the Democrats who derided the Trump having mass rallies or concerns about numbers, and here they are trying to construct a spectacle showing popularity without any people, it’s pretty much an empty exercise to fill the space. Their folks are even saying, “What’s the purpose of this” other than that and how are they then going to dispose of the flags? Sounds like not all their leftist base is on board with such puffery.

Meanwhile there’s at least 25,000 troops and the whole city is locked down and the Democrats like Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) are suggesting they could be a danger if they’re white and male.

From Breitbart:

While permitted demonstrations will be allowed in on the day to take up “designated locations,” they will be “limited in number and participants will be screened prior to entry and escorted to their permitted location, in addition to other safety related requirements.

Thousands of National Guard troops are now in the city in the wake of the January 6 Capitol protest. However, the FBI is now expected to vet the 25,000 troops to allay any security concerns.

”We’re continually going through the process, and taking second, third looks at every one of the individuals assigned to this operation,” Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told the Associated Press.


Welcome to the peaceful transition.



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