Boogaloos, Black Panthers, and Alleged Proud Boys All out Together for Rally in Virginia

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Boogaloo Bois, Black Panthers, Fred Hampton Gun Club, and alleged Proud Boys were all out for a rally in Virginia.

Now, one might not think that these folks would see eye-to-eye on anything. What can bring such disparate groups of folks together?

They were all out for a pro-gun, Second Amendment rally to protest Virginia’s draconian anti-gun efforts.

Boogaloos are often identified by the media as “right-wing” but, in fact, they are closer to anarchists, are generally anti-police and anti-government, and have aligned themselves with the BLM/Antifa during the summer riots. Leftist media tried to paint them as “infiltrators” but they actually are supportive of some of the goals such as being anti-government.

Then there were the Black Panthers and the Fred Hampton Gun Club folks who have often marched in pro-gun rallies, with at least one person in a BLM shirt.

Proud Boys leader issued a recent statement that the Proud Boys wouldn’t be going out to any militia events so some are questioning whether these are actually real Proud Boys. They say they are a Virginia chapter and have on the Proud Boy Fred Perry attire and were also selling Proud Boy stuff at the rally.

Even Crackhead Barney was there. Yes, indeed that’s her performing name. A little theater of the absurd. I think the second video is supposed to be Joe Biden.

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