Huge Number of State Legislators From Contested States Now Join Battle on the Electoral Count

Things are looking tough right now for Republicans.

Media has called the two Senate races for the Democrats in Georgia already. Funny how they can do that all in one night but weren’t able to call the Nov. 3 election for days. There are a lot of questions that people will be asking about that race.


Meanwhile as that is going on, today is the day for the electoral count. We reported on the the efforts by the Republican members of Congress to object to the vote count. That objection may now be more important than ever. As we also reported some state senators were also objecting in both Georgia and Pennsylvania, asking Vice President Mike Pence to postpone the count for around ten days.

According to Just the News, the number of state legislators has now ballooned up to more than 117 who are asking for that postponement from contested battleground states. The requests come in the form of various letters from those legislators in the contested states to Congress.

Pence has already signaled he was in supportive of the right to object by members of Congress and that he was bothered by the allegations of irregularities or unconstitutional actions by state election officials. But the question would be whether he would hold off and accede to the request to postpone for ten days.

One letter, signed by 88 state legislators, was organized by Got Freedom. The letter implored Pence. to hold off to give them time to investigate so they could either agree with the certification or decertify it. They said they could do so prior to the inauguration date, but that there was “evidence of a “coordinated and structured multi-state effort to undermine state law protecting election integrity” that needed to be addressed.


“We intend on fulfilling our oaths of office by properly investigating and determining whether the election should be certified, or decertified, by our respective state legislatures,” the letter added. “Additional time must be afforded for the legislatures to meet and for state legislators to fulfill their constitutional duties.”

One of the people who signed the letter was Wisconsin Rep. Joe Sanfelippo who said that he was objecting because state officials acted illegally and unconstitutionally in ways that contravened the state legislature. Sanfelippo said that included officials changing what was counted as “indefinitely confined” thus circumventing voter ID laws for about 200,000 votes. Officials also allowed some Democratic counties to cure inaccurate ballots without having to go back to voters to do so.

So we’ll have to hold onto our hats today to see how it all breaks down.



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