Stacey Abrams Brags About How She Was Able to 'Eviscerate' One of the Checks on Ballots in Georgia

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Today is the day of the Georgia run-offs and the polls have now closed. Who is ultimately the winner will likely not be decided tonight, given the number of early votes and mail-in ballots that were involved. But control of the Senate hangs in the balance.


As we reported earlier, there were questions raised early in the morning about problems with the voting machines, even Trump tweeted about them. The election manager, Gabriel Sterling claimed they had been resolved.

Republicans are obviously concerned about there being more issues in the run-offs.

Stacey Abrams, the person who refused to accept that she lost the Georgia governor’s race, was invited on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow on Monday night to comment on the race. What she said on the show didn’t alleviate people’s concerns, in fact it exacerbated them.

Townhall reports that Abrams bragged about helping to do away with “exact signature matching” for ballots, thus making it easier for questionable ballots to be accepted.

“We were able to secure absentee ballot rules that actually treated every single voter the same. We were able to mitigate and eviscerate the exact match system that was keeping so many people off the rolls,” Abrams declared.


Because ensuring that the voters are actually legitimate voters is “voter suppression” to Democrats like Stacey Abrams.

This is part of the problem. Democrats keep trying to whittle away any and all checks, so that they can get more and more questionable ballots in and she brags about it, she thinks that’s just great. If she actually cared about the sanctity of the vote, you wouldn’t want to dilute it with questionable votes.

Isn’t that convenient that she does that ahead of these elections so that more questionable votes can slip in?

Hopefully, enough people heeded the call of the president and other Republicans to crash the boards and come out in force for the Republicans candidates. Because if not, we could be in big trouble if the Democrats are able to take advantage of such issues to grab the two seats and seize control of the Senate.


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