Media Falsely Claims Jacob Blake Was Unarmed When Shot by Police in Kenosha

AP Photo/Morry Gash

Media is at it again.

It seems at every point, they are trying to whip up controversy and divide.

The verdict came in today in the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. The prosecutor decided not to charge the police officers who shot and injured Blake.


Why? Because among other things, he was tased twice (it didn’t take), resisting arrest and was armed with a knife which he refused to drop during his encounter with the police.

But you wouldn’t know that if you just read the media accounts reporting on the verdict coming in today.

So apparently having a knife is now “unarmed.” Sounds like when Joe Biden claimed that (yes, he actually talked about a guy having a knife and then claimed he was ‘unarmed0.

Not one of these media folks got it right. Nor did most of them seem to care about the facts, when they were obviously trying to push a narrative to jack people up. Even Jacob Blake admitted he had a knife. So how bad are these folks at their jobs.


The Washington Post did later correct their tweet, noting they had initially put “unarmed” because the family said unarmed. Seriously? The families always say unarmed. Where is looking at the actual evidence in the case? Just seriously bad reporting. But at least they corrected themselves, unlike many of the others. Of course, many people will only see the initial wrong report and never read the correction.


They’ve had hours now to get it straight, but MSNBC was still lying tonight.

They really want there to be riots, it seems, and they must be unhappy there haven’t been yet.


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