The Trump/Raffensperger Call Highlights That Make Trump's Point

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Liberals have been melting down over a call President Donald Trump had with the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

The media ran a story, using a four minute clip of the call, claiming Trump was trying to get Raffensberger to “find” more votes for him, essentially implying Trump was doing something improper.


Of course, 24 hour rule with anything like this that the media runs. It’s virtually always spin/debunked within 24 hours and no one who has been listening for the last four years should ever fall for it. It always comes out that it’s being spun.

Same holds true for this case, as we reported earlier. The call was actually an hour long call dealing with the suit that the campaign has brought against Raffensberger. It wasn’t a private conversation with Trump and Raffensberger, it was a call with all the attorneys, Mark Meadow online, trying to come to a settlement over that lawsuit. The purpose of the lawsuit was to have Raffensberger comply with their requests for information regarding the various allegations of fraud and irregularities.

Trump isn’t asking for Raffensberger to produce votes out of the air, he’s saying, ‘Look here are all the problematic issues/ballots, if you say that there weren’t issues there, can you produce your evidence? Otherwise, see the evidence we have. Sit down with us and see what we have. Recognize we’re showing you evidence of thousands of votes with issues, more than enough to overcome the difference.’


This is particularly clear in the final minute of the tape where Trump tells “Brad” that they’re just looking to get to the truth.


They’re saying: look here’s our evidence, we want to show it to you. Raffensperger is nope, sorry, not going to bother. Why wouldn’t they want to do that and just clarify the issue unless there was in fact something they were trying to hide?

But once again, media/Democrats want to spin this into something it isn’t. Indeed the very leaking of the tape rather than addressing Trump’s questions proves his point that there’s animus and a problem there.


What’s actually quite funny about the WaPo providing the full tape on this and the media focusing on this now, is that they’ve now putting a spotlight on many of the allegations that Trump and the campaign have been making all along, that he lays out on the call in great detail. Without the media trying to make something out of this call, they wouldn’t have highlighted the allegations which Trump has been trying to get highlighted now, for weeks.

There’s nothing in the conversation that’s improper on the part of Trump. What is improper, as indeed he puts it, is trying to certify an election that has so many questions that need to be answered.


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