This Politician Takes the Prize for Worst Virus Hypocrisy Ever, Even With Deceptive Video

AP Photo/Eric Gay

We’ve seen a lot of politicians issue Wuhan coronavirus restrictions and then straight up violate themselves like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


Perhaps what made their hypocrisy even worse was their responses when caught. Newsom lied about the situation, claiming his jaunt at the French Laundry was outside and then said there were fewer people than there actually were. Lightfoot, who went and got her haircut when others weren’t able to, said she had to look good for the public. That was her excuse. Pelosi blamed the poor owner of the hair salon, suggesting that the story about her getting her hair done there when salons were shut down was a plant to embarrass her. No, she did that fine all on her own.

But you have to hand it to Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips, a member of the Legislative Assembly. His Wuhan coronavirus hypocrisy really reaches a new level of awful because he went all in to fool people.

Here’s his government asking everyone to stay home.

Here he is saying we all have to make sacrifices this year.


Here he is doing a fireside Merry Christmas to the constituents. Sure looks like he’s home, right? Nice warm fire and sweater to ward off that Ontario cold.

Except not so much. Turns out that since Dec. 13, Rod Phillips has been in St. Barts. Yes, that same high tone celebrity-laden place that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend ran off to, after preaching at us too, despite the CDC warning against non-essential travel there. I guess sunning yourself qualifies as “essential” to these folks. Some sacrifice.

In his first statement he tried to justify it, saying he’d been outside the country immediately following the end of the legislative session.

From 660 News:

โ€œImmediately following the end of the Legislative session, which occurred on Dec. 8, my wife and I departed on a previously planned personal trip outside of the country. Had I been aware then of the eventual Dec/ 26 provincewide shutdown, we would have cancelled the trip,โ€ said the first statement. โ€œI have continued my work daily as the Minister of Finance and MPP for Ajax including dozens of digital ministry, constituency and cabinet committee calls and meetings.โ€


He then issued a later statement saying he’d been in St. Barts since Dec. 13. He apologized and said he was coming back immediately and would begin a 14 day quarantine.

But he had tweeted out pictures over that time period, suggesting he was in Canada in addition to the Christmas Eve video, when he was in the Caribbean.

He even had a fake Canadian background while on Zoom calls.


This guy really takes the prize for worst Wuhan virus hypocrisy with his next level fakery.


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