Muriel Bowser Declares Christmas Eve 'Anthony Fauci Day,' Tucker Has a Field Day With It

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I guess I really don’t understand the liberal infatuation with Dr. Anthony Fauci, as though he were some infallible God-like person.

It doesn’t make any sense. They attack President Donald Trump and blame him for the Wuhan coronavirus, despite the fact that he’s done more to inhibit the virus and come up with the vaccine than the Democrats ever would have in the same circumstances.


Yet at the same time, liberals laud the very person effectively in Trump’s employ, Fauci, who actually has praised Trump’s response repeatedly and said his actions saved thousands of lives.

The two thoughts are completely inconsistent. But somehow they juggle that giant incongruity around in their heads.

But while they attack Trump, they’ve deified Fauci.

Today, Mayor Muriel Bowser showed an example of that incongruity and deification, deeming December 24, known to the rest of us as Christmas Eve, as “Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Day.”

Tucker Carlson had some fun mocking this deification of Fauci.


Have Bowser or the folks on the left deifying Fauci forgotten about statements like this from Fauci?

So was he telling the truth when he said that back in March or when he later claimed that everyone should be wearing masks? He later claimed he was saying that to preserve masks for the medical people. You can listen to it yourself and decide, then see how we constantly see people wearing the masks incorrectly as well as constantly touching them.

Dec. 24 is the day before we celebrate the birth of Christ, not the birth of Fauci.

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