News Is Looking Positive for the GOP in Georgia, With Even More Negative Coming out on Warnock

There’s an incredibly significant election coming up in Georgia on January 5 that may decide who controls the Senate.

Georgia has historically favored Republicans in run-offs.


But with Democrats pouring money into the state from outside, and the Republicans concerned about the irregularities in the presidential election, it has many worried about how it may all turn out.

There are several things that are helping the Republicans, in addition to the fact that Georgia is just not that blue yet.

As Townhall observes, Loeffler’s attacks on Warnock as a “radical” are sticking mostly because of the radical statements and actions that Warnock has actually taken. They note how Warnock has refused to say if he was at the church where he was an assistant pastor when Fidel Castro was feted and honored. Note how in this tape he really doesn’t criticize Castro in response to Ana Navarro’s question or disavow his prior statements.

If your statement is Castro is “complex,” and you can’t say he was a Communist murderer, maybe you’re really not right for Georgia.


Now comes the report that in 2014, on the day before the 9/11 anniversary, Warnock hosted Rev. Jeremiah Wright at his church, despite his controversial remarks saying 9/11 was the chickens coming home to roost and “God Damn America” which sermons Warnock tried to justify.

That’s not likely to go over well in Georgia.

On top of all that, while people are naturally concerned about the irregularities of the presidential election, the GOP base is being fired up by the President and his team to get out the vote and stop the Democrats.

The GOP ground game is also better than the Democrats in Georgia and like Florida, that’s what’s going to turn out the vote, not a random call from someone outside of the state.


The early numbers are looking good for the Republicans, however, at this moment.

The Republicans hold a slight edge over the Democrats, with Sen. David Purdue and Sen. Kelly Loeffler leading their Democratic rivals, Job Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, 51 to 48 in a new Emerson College poll. That is if any polls can be trusted any longer.

But in the final analysis, people have to come out. Yes, might there be irregularities and other issues to be concerned about and should we be concerned about the count? You bet. All the more reason to come out in force, so that it’s harder for them to counter. But yes, not only do you have to get out the vote, you have to ensure that the counting is fair.


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