Police Finally Swarm Filthy Reincarnated Autonomous Zone in Seattle, It Doesn't End Well for Antifa


As we previously reported, Antifa had been resurrecting a new “CHAZ” in Seattle, building barricades around Cal Anderson Park. They were trying to prevent the police and the city from clearing out the park that they and the homeless had been occupying.


It’s quite literally a filthy disgusting mess. They also took over a vacant nearby yellow house and began barricading that up as well.

Naturally it’s become an attractant for all kinds of crime.

But the city finally had enough this morning. Police and city parks department finally moved in force to clear the park out and toss the people out who were occupying the yellow house.


The police were not messing around today. They vastly outnumbered the Antifa folks and chased them down the street, hitting them with pepper balls and ultimately arresting 21 of them over the course of the cleanup, which is a significant number of the crew that they had there.

Antifa folded like cheap suits and ran, with a few staying at a distance to yell impotently at the cops.

SWAT also raided the yellow house.


Then they brought in the heavy equipment to clean out all the filth.


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